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The Cannabis-Copenhagen Connection

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genomicJuly 10, 2012
Kevin Davies : Last month, a couple of hundred researchers journeyed to Denmark for the second annual Copenhagenomics conference – a two-day smorgasbord of cutting-edge genome science and pilsner.  

The organizers - Biopeople and the Genomics Enlightenment Foundation, both non-profit network organizations – should be commended not only for putting on such a first-rate meeting but also for the subsequent release of a stream of high-quality videos of the presentations.  

One of the first of the 2012 videos to be posted is a talk from Kevin McKernan. A familiar face among NGS aficionados, McKernan was the founder of Agencourt and one of the architects of what beBiopeople and the Genomics Enlightenment Foundation, both non-profit network organizations came the Life Technologies SOLiD sequencing platform.  

With Life’s acquisition of Ion Torrent, McKernan sensed it was time for a new venture. Last year, he founded a small start-up, Medicinal Genomics, dedicated to sequencing the cannabis genome, which has important medical implications for cancer treatment. He has since joined forces with his brothers at Courtagen. 

McKernan’s fascinating talk at Copenhagenomics – “Sequencing the Cannabis Genome” – can be viewed in its entirety here: 


The remaining videos will be posted in the coming weeks: http://cphx.org/2012/07/presentations-cphx-2012/ 



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