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Guest Post: I Need Your Help

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Editor’s Note: Mary Ann Brown produces the upcoming NGx Applying Next-Generation Sequencing and the Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management meetings being held next month in Providence, Rhode Island. She is giving thought leaders in the NGS Leaders community an opportunity to lead small group discussions scheduled during the conference. Would you like to host a discussion group at the event? Read her post below to learn more. - Janine Holley  

Mary Ann Brown August 9, 2011 : Mary Ann Brown (Executive Director, Conferences, Cambridge Healthtech Institute) : Making connections at conferences is my primary objective in participating. Sometimes these connections happen by chance outside the lecture room, but at times these connections need time and space to develop. For this reason, I created the Successful Sequencing Discussion Groups at my conferences. These tables facilitate conversations on specific discussion topics over morning coffee. At every conference the feedback from these discussion tables is: “we want more: more time and more topics.”

 Often for me, it is hard to decide which table to join because all the topics are relevant. The hour flies by too quickly. I know how difficult it is to stop the discussions and move back into the session room. Great science is achieved by sharing and listening!

So, I need your help in adding even more to these discussion tables. I am always looking for stimulating discussion topics and have encouraged speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to host tables at the NGx: Applying Next-Generation Sequencing conference this September 27-29. This year, I am also looking to the NGS Leaders community to suggest topics and potentially host a discussion table. Your online forum is perfectly suited to start a discussion. So what research questions keep you up at night? What would you like to discuss with the NGS community? Topics can range from instruments, research applications, pipelines, data analysis, trouble-shooting, protocols,  and what’s next. The NGS Leaders Community is growing rapidly. Leaders, lead the way.

Contact me for more information. I look forward to seeing you in Providence! ~ Mary Ann 

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