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Systems biology knowledge from downstream analysis of NGS data – free tool available
Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 12:07 PM
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Are you doing downstream NGS analysis and wish you could put your genomic data in context with other –OMICs data, pathway-derived biological functions or clinical observations to better understand the implications of system changes? If your research requires knowledge building from multiple experimental resources or you want to enrich NGS results with public resources for underlying mechanism or are generally interested in better understanding of complex biological functions involved in diseases using systems-biology driven approaches, I would encourage you trying our free Knowledge Explorer – Personal.Edition. The just released version 3.6 enables anyone familiar with basic data model concepts to semantically integrate disparate data, add new data and contextualizes downstream analyzed NGS data into applications or formal ontologies (such as NCBO’s or OBO’s) to uncover hidden relationships in real time. Advances in contextualization like the ability to place data in a visual context (e.g. cellular compartments, or a treatment response timeline) for rapid comprehension of complex network graphs and new class alignment functions via drag-and-drop assure that you won’t need a lot of time to achieve exciting scientific results.Try it for yourself and let your colleagues know what you think!

The free Knowledge Explorer Personal version and supporting resources are available at:
http://www.io-informatics.com/download_KE_PersEd_B.html >


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