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NGx 2011 Speaker Podcasts

Mary Ann Brown (Cambridge Healthtech Institute) met up with three of the scheduled speakers for the upcoming NG(x) Applying Next-Generation Sequencing and Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management meetings. She asked them each to describe their experiences with next-gen sequencing and how they are benefiting from current the data deluge.  

Listen to the podcasts below.

Toby Bloom
Toby Bloom
Director Informatics, Genome Sequencing Platform
The Broad Institute
Toby discusses the Broad's current and future data management infrastructure to support a major sequencing center's data outpoint. Total time 9:14. 
Gholson Lyon
 Gholson Lyon
Research Scientist, Center for Applied Genomics
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Gholson highlights his use of the software VAAST to discover rare Mendelian disorders. Total time 9:09.
David Smith

David Smith
Professor, Lab Medicine & Pathology
Mayo Clinic
David addresses his role in setting up a sequencing laboratory at a major cancer clinic. Total time 6:52.



I-Study: Genomic Interpretation - Who Will Pay?
During this webinar, members of the study review team present preliminary findings of the I-Study, conducted at the Harvard Medical School's 2011 Personalized Medicine Conference.
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