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Next-Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum

An Insight Pharma Report a few years ago covered next-generation sequencing in overview and a more recent report, published last fall, dealt more specifically with NGS applications. Last month Insight Pharma Reports published Next-Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum, which addresses current NGS technologies and analyzes their impact on this extremely dynamic market sector. The report includes:  

  • NGS systems on the market and on the horizon
  • Possible game-changing innovations still in development
  • NGS market dynamics for instruments and services
  • Results of an Insight Pharma Reports user market survey
  • Interview with six experts on diverse aspects of NGS 
  • Analysis on how the field will likely develop over the next several years


Next-Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum: Markets Respond to Technology and Innovation Advances

ipr-jun11Early NGS market entrants have been continually improving and updating their original systems, new scaled-down models have been introduced, Generation 2.5 systems that feature new detection technologies and single-molecule sequencing are now on the market, a potentially exciting third generation led by nanopore technologies appears to be moving quickly toward the commercial feasibility stage, upstream sample handling undergoes continual technological innovation, and informatics providers are moving rapidly toward fully integrated systems and provision of actionable biological information.

This report describes these innovations and analyzes their impact on what can only be described as an extremely dynamic research topic and market sector. We report on the history and evolution of NGS, systems on the market today, those on the horizon, innovations still in R&D, and NGS market dynamics. Based in part on a user market survey and interviews with six individuals highly knowledgeable in diverse aspects of NGS, we also feature a look forward to how the field may develop over the next several years.

About the Author
Ken Rubenstein, PhD, a biochemist and molecular biologist, received his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin and postdoctoral training at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. He was a key innovator and research manager for Syva Company, the diagnostics branch of Syntex Corporation. During his 13 years with Syva, he was Vice President of Scientific Affairs. Since 1983, he has served as a technology and marketing consultant to biomedical companies and an industry analyst, with more than 40 published studies to his credit.

Click here for more information about this report, and all Insight Pharma Reports.

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