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Panel Video: WGS Applied to Clinical Dx

GenomeQuest/ NGS Leaders co-sponsored panel discussion which took place March 18, 2011 at X-GEN Congress in San Diego. The discussion was entitled Whole-Genome Sequencing Applied to Clinical Diagnostics: The Significance to the Research Community 

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  Panelist questions:
· What research and technological developments will help drive the advance to clinical?
· What are real examples of benefits to patient care?
· How can we better integrate research and clinical efforts/data to accelerate "translation"?
· How will this start and expand? What's realistic for bottom-up and top-down progress? What timeframe?
· Will this advance cause market disruption to the healthcare industry and how?
· What does this mean for researchers and diagnostic companies? For regulators?
· What are the potential bottlenecks and what can be done to address these concerns?


  Panel Participants

 resnick  Moderator
Richard Resnick
 ferre  Panelist
Francois Ferre, PhD
CEO and President
  glorikian2  Panelist
Harry Glorikian
Scientia Advisors
 heath  Panelist
Gregory Heath
SVP and GM, Diagnostics
 moradian  Panelist
Michael Moradian, PhD
Director Operations, Genetics
Kaiser Permanente Southern Cal
 shearer2  Panelist
Eliot Shearer
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
University of Iowa


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