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User Survey Results: Chief Application for Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

 IPR report coverIn December 2008, Cambridge Healthtech Institute conducted an online survey of next-generation sequencing user practices and views. Full survey results are provided in Next-Generation Sequencing: Solving the Genome, a 2009 report by Ken Rubenstein, PhD, which examines market dynamics and key issues relating to the competitive position of various technologies and companies.  One part of the survey addressed chief applications for next-generation sequencing among both academic and industrial users.

Among industrial respondents, 8 were current next-generation users and 2 planned to become users within 6 months. Of these 10, 8 were employed by biotechnology companies, 1 by a pharmaceutical company, and 1 by a government research center. 4 of the 10 were involved in basic science, 3 in diagnostics, and 3 in an “other” area (2 of the 3 in upper management). On the academic side, 12 users responded, 6 of whom currently use next-generation systems, and 6 who plan to do so in the following half year. 8 of the academic respondents described their role as academic research and 4 as discovery research.

Chief Application for Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

Users were asked to indicate their main next-generation sequencing application. Among the 9 industry user respondents, applications are divided among de novo sequencing (1 response), digital gene expression (2), genotyping (3), and medical resequencing (2) (Table 5.2). The “other” respondent indicated “all of the above.” Of 12 user responses in the academic segment, the most popular was medical resequencing (5) followed by genotyping (3). De novo sequencing and digital gene expression each received two responses (Table 5.3).

*Of note here is that four application areas dominated, and that medical resequencing is the dominant choice for academic, but not industry, respondents.

Chief Application for DNA Sequencing, Industry Respondents 

Response Count Percent
De novo sequencing 1 11.1
Digital gene expression 2 22.2
Genotyping 3 33.3
Medical resequencing 2 22.2
Metagenomics 0 0.0
Human microbiome 0 0.0
Other      1 11.1
Totals 9 99.9

Chief Application for DNA Sequencing, Academic Respondents 

Response Count Percent
De novo sequencing 2 16.7
Digital gene expression 2 16.7
Genotyping 3 25.0
Medical resequencing 5 41.6
Metagenomics 0 0.0
Human microbiome 0 0.0
Other 0 0.0
Totals 12 100.0

Reprinted with Permission from Next-Generation Sequencing: Solving the Genome (by Ken Rubenstein, PhD). For the full report, go to www.insightpharmareports.com  

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