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Eric Glazer, VP Marketing/Online Communities, Cambridge Healthtech Associates : If you are finding us for the first time… welcome. Our vision is for the NGS Leaders community to become the platform to both network with peers and exchange ideas related to progressing genomics and next-generation sequencing. Membership is free for anyone who wants to join the conversation.

 Currently, we are working diligently to ensure that your user experience is a positive one (we recently made the NGS Leaders site public as we complete our final refinements).  Until that time, feel free to register and peruse the site keeping in mind that the site has not launched officially. We hope you take the time to offer input by posting to the discussion forum NGS Leaders Website Feedback or contacting us via twitter (@NGSLeaders). You can also email me directly.

Many industry leaders have been instrumental in providing us with ideas on what features to include on the website and how NGS Leaders can best serve industry professionals. We encourage everyone to continue to provide suggestions. I am not guaranteeing we can integrate every suggestion but I will guarantee that we’ll read your comment, and do our best to incorporate the suggestions that make the most sense for the greater good of the community, taking into account the resources available to us.

The mission of NGS Leaders is to do our part in “forwarding the progress of the next-generation sequencing by facilitating the exchange of ideas”  To accomplish this lofty goal we will continuously strive to develop and manage this online community and social network so it meets the following objectives:

1) Easy to register and participate
2) Integrates (and promotes) content from other relevant websites through link sharing, content syndication and guest moderators
3) Facilitates and promotes discussion among members by identifying the most timely and interesting topics
4) Provide content through discussion forums, blogs, webinars, videos, articles, white papers, etc
5) Continuously communicate and respond to our members

NGS Leaders is hosted by Cambridge Health Associates, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please check back frequently as we continue to make improvements to the site.

I-Study: Genomic Interpretation - Who Will Pay?
During this webinar, members of the study review team present preliminary findings of the I-Study, conducted at the Harvard Medical School's 2011 Personalized Medicine Conference.
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