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The Next Hot Commodity of Genome Sequences

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Davies_pic September 22, 2011  

Kevin Davies :  At the outset, I should point out that one of the corporate partners that helped launch and support NGS Leaders is a Massachusetts software company called GenomeQuest. To their immense credit, the management team at GQ has stayed in the background and refrained from blogging or otherwise touting its services on this site.

However, having just stumbled upon a video of GenomeQuest CEO Richard Resnick presenting at the TEDx conference in Boston a couple of months ago, I cannot resist sharing it here.

Goodness knows it is hard to do justice to the excitement of a field as dynamic as NGS in a mere ten minutes, let alone communicate that to a broad audience, and do so with dollops of humor and panache. But Resnick manages to do all of those things.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better introduction to the growth and potential of NGS than right here...


I-Study: Genomic Interpretation - Who Will Pay?
During this webinar, members of the study review team present preliminary findings of the I-Study, conducted at the Harvard Medical School's 2011 Personalized Medicine Conference.
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