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Life Technologies Touts Contagion Readiness

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Davies_pic September 7, 2011  

 Kevin Davies :  It would be hard to confuse Paul Billings, chief medical officer of Life Technologies, with Matt Damon, and Mark Stevenson is definitely no Jude Law (despite the accent).

Nevertheless, these two Life Technologies executives play starring roles in a short new video that the San Diego-based company, in conjunction with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), has timed to coincide with the release of Contagion, the new all-star movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, which opens this week. Contagion is an action flick that centers around the sudden, catastrophic outbreak of a lethal infectious microbe.  

One of the chief advantages of the new Ion Torrent sequencing platform, which Life Technologies acquired last year, is its ability to generate sequence data quickly, with relatively long read lengths. Both attributes served the company well in responding to the deadly E coli outbreak in Germany last summer.

"We have the tools to respond to [an outbreak], and we can control it in most cases," says Billings reassuringly. Stevenson adds that Life Technologies offers a complete 'soup-to-nuts' solution to deal with future outbreaks, from sequence to confirmation to software.




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