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I-Study: Genomic Interpretation™ Report

The I-Study is a healthcare industry calibration study on genomic interpretation with the goal of helping to accelerate the advancement of personalized medicine and related scientific discovery into day-to-day clinical healthcare practice.

One Perspective on the Future of Genetics-Based Medicine

In this interesting Singularity Hub interview, Cliff Reid talks in depth about Complete Genomics’ NGS technology, business plan, and commitment to move into the clinical arena.

My Personal Exome, Courtesy of 23andMe

My Personal Exome, Courtesy or 23andMe By Francisco M. De La Vega   After months of anxious waiting, I finally received my exome data from the 23andMe Exome Pilot about a week ago. When I enrolled last year – 23andMe

The Elusive Appeal of Exome Sequencing

The Elusive Appeal of Exome Sequencing In the past few years, the prices of sequencing have plummeted and now for a few thousand dollars, the complete sequence of an individual can be obtained. Even so, many scientists have opted to

Jim Watson on Whole Genome Sequencing

 November 22, 2011   Janine Holley The opening plenary session of the International Congress of Human Genetics, held in Montreal last October, featured a dazzling display by Cirque Eloize followed by a 90 minute panel discussion on the subject of

DNAnexus to Host Short Read Archive (SRA) Database in Google Cloud
By Kevin Davies
October 12, 2011 | MONTREAL : DNAnexus, a San Francisco-based software company offering web-based tools to manage next-generation genome sequence (NGS) data, will offer free hosting and access to the Short Read Archive (SRA), the funding-challenged trove of NGS read data
Market Study: The Future of NGS

Bio IT World has just published a comprehensive market study on the future of next gen sequencing and  to give us her perspective on the report, which you can download for free. In addition, please join the discussion and add

NGx 2011 Speaker Podcasts

Mary Ann Brown (Cambridge Healthtech Institute) met up with three of the scheduled speakers for the upcoming NG(x) Applying Next Generation Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing Data Management meetings. She asked them each to describe their experiences with next

Webcast Recording: Next-Gen Sequencing Software Technology Clinic

With lower costs for next-generation sequencing (NGS) come dramatic surges in data volume. As a result, there are myriad software solutions for annotating, analyzing and interpreting the data. This March 1, 2011 clinic explored the chief advantages and applications of each software system.

Next-Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum

A report describing current innovations in next-gen sequencing and their impact on the market sector. The report reviews the history and evolution of NGS and provides an analysis of systems on the market today, a glimpse at those on the horizon, innovations still in R&D, and NGS market dynamics.

White Paper: Surfing the Rich Data Deluge

This paper focuses on digital imaging data, which is perhaps the most varied of all rich data and remains the most widely used in drug discovery and development. Importantly, the issues around managing digital images reflect rich data management challenges generally.

Panel Video: WGS Applied to Clinical Dx

Video of a panel discussion that originally took place March 18, 2011 at X GEN Congress in San Diego. Esteemed panelists from AltheaDx, Illumina, Scientia Advisors, Kaiser Permanente, and U of Iowa discussed clinical applications of whole genome sequencing.

The Solexa Story

Thirteen years ago, a beer summit in an English pub spawned the birth of Solexa and the world’s leading next generation sequencing technology. In this article, Kevin Davies looks back on the key players and how they came together to form Solexa, tracking the company's growth from inception to its position today.

Next-Gen Sequencing Poised to Open New Vistas for Biomedical Research

NGS has generated a great deal of excitement in the life sciences research community in recent years. Funding agencies have focused on genomics in general and NGS in particular, resulting in rapid dissemination of high-throughput, short-read instruments and chemistries. The bioinformatics community has cooperated by providing continually improved means to deal with the mounds of data rolling out from genome labs and centers. In the Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies: Applications and Markets report, we examine the broad spectrum of NGS applications used in studies, which even at this early date have already begun delivering intriguing new insights in a variety of fields.

Evaluation of Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms for Population Targeted Sequencing Studies

Evaluation of Next Generation Sequencing Platforms for Population Targeted Sequencing Studies Samuel Levy, PhDTranslational Genomics, Scripps Translational Science InstituteX GEN Congress, March 2010  Levy presentation slides, X GEN 2010 

Translating Next-Generation Sequencing into the Clinical Diagnostic Arena

Translating Next Generation Sequencing into the Clinical Diagnostic ArenaKarl V. Voelkerding, MD Medical Director, Advanced Technologies, ARUP LaboratoriesX GEN Congress, March 2010

Next Generation Genetics and Biopharma

Next Generation Genetics and Biopharma Will sequencing prove the Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning for biopharma? By Alexander Kamb. Even for a jaundiced veteran of the biopharmaceutical industry, it’s hard not to gush over the astounding output

User Survey Results: Chief Application for Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

In December 2008, Cambridge Healthtech Institute conducted an online survey of next generation sequencing user practices and views. Results are reported herein for two segments academic and industrial users. Among industrial respondents, eight were current next generation users and two

I-Study: Genomic Interpretation - Who Will Pay?
During this webinar, members of the study review team present preliminary findings of the I-Study, conducted at the Harvard Medical School's 2011 Personalized Medicine Conference.
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